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Lightning and surge protection for pipelines

Protection of insulating joints and flanges

Insulating joints and flanges are used to electrically (galvanically) isolate cathodic protection pipeline systems against system earth or to divide high voltage interfered pipelines into individual pipeline sections. Cathodic protection systems are electrically isolated until the dielectric strength of the insulation of the insulating joint / flange is reached. The dielectric strength of insulating joints can be exceeded by overvoltage resulting from a lightning strike to exposed parts of a pipeline system or the effects of short circuit currents of parallel high-voltage lines. This may lead to sparking, leakage or destruction of the insulating joint. Isolating spark gaps for use in hazardous areas (ExFS) with adequate and correctly installed connection systems protect this insulating clearance against transient and temporary overvoltage. In addition, they discharge the overvoltage energy in a dangerous potentially explosive atmosphere without sparking. The following protection make by vijay corrosion technology Protection of the insulation in case of temporary and transient overvoltage Explosion protection by tested and non-sparking connection systems as well as ATEX and IECEx approvals If the ExFS is incorrectly installed, the insulation may be destroyed.

Technical characteristics are a follows:-

  1. Response to alternating voltage (50Hz) 1.0kV
  2. Response to surge voltage (1/50 ~s) 2.2kV
  3. Surge current rating (8/20 ~s) 100kA
  4. Explosion protection Specification VDE 0171; Item 9

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