CORROSION COUPONS FOR PIPELINES Induced AC (Alternating Current) on pipelines is a potential shock hazard to personnel as well as a source of corrosion damage. Current technology to detect and monitor induced AC current include the use of portable or permanent reference electrodes to measure voltage, and/or buried “current density coupons” to measure levels of AC current density.
Monitoring the current density, rather than just AC voltages, is a key factor in assessing the AC current related corrosion risk. A simple and effective method of determining current densities is to install a steel coupon, of a known surface area, in the soil adjacent to the structure. By connecting the coupon to the pipeline through a current measurement shunt or meter, the induced AC current density can be easily calculated.
Until now, only permanently installed AC current density coupons have been available. Unfortunately, the cost to install these permanent coupons can be thousands of dollars per site when considering the materials, planning, permitting, mobilization, equipment and labor. Product Features
· Durable steel construction.
· Multiple cable connection options.
· Replaceable 10 cm conical tip for soil contact.
· Simple to use. AC current density readings are achieved within

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