Magnesium Anode

The Alloy of Magnesium & Zinc results into Magnesium Anode, and VCT’s voltage carrying capacity makes is perfect sacrificial anode for resisting corrosion. Magnesium Anode basically are available in two types that is 1.55 Volts and 1.75 Volts.
As it has higher voltage carrying capacity its yields into higher performance and longer life. There are different types of Magnesium Anodes like Square Anode, Round Anode.


Range of Products : 50gms to 160kgs


Element Mg VCT 1th> Mg VCT 1
Al 5.3-6.7% 0.001%
Zn 2.5-3.5%
Cu 00.00% 0.02%
Si 0.3% 0.05%
Mn 0.25% 0.5-1.3%
Fe 0.005% 0.03%
Pb 0.03%
Other 0.05%
Total Other 0.30%
Magnesium Balanace Balanace
Capacity (Amp) 1230 1230

Usage :

The Polarization capacity of Magnesium makes it a durable product for resisting corrosion in Oil and Gas pipelines which are submerged in seawater as well as installed on lands.

Apart from this its also used in Jetty Piles, Water Heater tanks other places

  • Hulls of ships, barges, tugs and boats
  • Ballast tanks of tankers, ore carriers and freighters
  • Bulkheads
  • Water storage tanks
  • Piers and pilings
  • Pipelines
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Travelling screens

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