Polarization Cell

Polarisation cell has unique voltage carrying capacity which in turn protects against induced AC current and ground fault current on buried pipelines which in turn protects buried pipelines from hazardous voltage. VCT’s Polarization cells also controls the flow of AC & DC current flow in buried surface of oil & gas, water pipelines. The plates of steel is submerged into specially prepared solution which maintains low evaporation rate. The Plates inside the cell has large surface area which provide good ground for polarization and thus is fit for Cathodic Protection. VCT’s Polarization Cell takes the current and then grounds it to zinc anode. When it comes to installation of Polarisation cell VCT’s knowledge in it is indispensable. VCT’s Polarization cell need no special requirement to store, it can be store in any clean and dry location.

VCT’s Polarization cell is enclosed in a jar which have its own unique properties. The jar is made up of Polycarbonate Material which is highly insulating which makes it best material for electrical purpose. It’s also impact resistance so it stands tough in any type of handling. VCT’s logo will also be embossed in polycarbonate jar.

C-5A Dimensions in mm:

Height to top of Bottom 180 Width at bottom 113
Overall Height 187 Width at top 140
Width of Top Box 135 Thickness of box 4

Polarization Cell Models:

Model Rated Capacity pass ½ Sec faults Pairs of Plates Rated Max. Capacity Amp Temp Range Empty Weight Weight with Solution
C-5A 5000 5 30 0- 60 ºC 2.7 Kg 5.5 Kg

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